Apple Dapple Cake

Something about this time of year makes a person hungry for home and hearth. I think of pies baking in an oven and watching the juices of fruits of the season bubbling and bursting through the sides and tops of the crusts. Apples always come to mind, but I seem to always have some leftover. This year, after baking the usual apple pie recipes, I longed for something different to use up the scant few apples I had left from my last apple baking ventures.

It was in my attempts to find an old recipe I loved that had nothing to do with apples, I found a recipe I had overlooked, and one that suited my needs to use up the leftover apples still occupying space on my countertop. It’s funny how we always find what we are not looking for and end up with just what we need. This recipe for Apple Dapple Cake in the Christ Church Frederica Cookbook, is perfect for apple lovers and cool autumn days.

Christ Church Frederica is located in St. Simons Island, Georgia. It is a beautiful Episcopalian church sheltered by old spanish moss and oaks dating back centuries. The church was built in 1820 and after being destroyed during the Civil War, was rebuilt in memoriam to Ellen, the first wife of the Reverand Anson Green Phelps Dodge, Jr. I highly reccommend visiting the church if you ever are in the vicinity. And don’t forget to purchase their cookbook. It is filled with outstanding recipes from the congregation. I know you will savor every bite of delicious Apple Dapple Cake.

Apple Dapple Cake with Apple Dapple Topping

Apple Dapple Cake

2 cups sugar Topping:

3 eggs 1 cup light brown sugar

1 1/3 cups cooking oil 1 stick (8 Tbsp.) margarine

3 cups flour 1/4 cup evaporated milk

1 teaspoon soda

1 teaspoon salt

3 cups apples, chopped

1 cup pecans or walnuts, chopped

Boiling the Apple Dapple Topping

  1. Mix sugar, eggs, and oil thoroughly.
  2. Fold in flour, soda, salt, apples, and nuts.
  3. Bake at 350* for 45 minutes in pan approximately 1-x-18 inches, greased and dusted with flour. Cool.
  4. Cut in squares and serve with ice cream, whipped cream, a wedge of cheese, or Apple Dapple Topping.
  5. Topping: Make topping just as the cake finishes baking.
  6. Combine ingredients and bring to boil. Boil for 2 1/2 minutes.
  7. Pour over top of cake while cake is hot.

Note: I found this cake to much for just myself and my mother. If you wish to cut the recipe in half for a small gathering or family, it would work well. But I doubt there will be any left!

Apple Dapple Cake without topping

Author: Sissy1Pip

Born in Georgia and raised in North Carolina, I inherited the baking bug like so many of us; through childhood memories and standing by my mother's side as she prepared our family meal. I began this blog as a way of sharing my love of Southern baking and its treasured heritage.

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